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Electronic Bug Sweep Experts - Counter Surveillance Service Throughout the UK

Here at Bug Sweeping UK, we are expert in the discovery and detection of all types of covert electronic surveillance equipment & spy bugs. We specialise in searching homes, offices and vehicles for hidden secret eavesdropping devices. We search and detect all types of covert devices including the latest digital wireless technology. Our electronic bug sweep service is offered throughout the UK to both private clients who believe their house, apartment or car is bugged with a hidden camera, microphone bug or car tracking device, as well as commercial clients who feel their business or office is under surveillance, being secretly filmed or their confidential conversations are being listened to and recorded, as well as data stolen. We have over 25 years’ experience in finding electronic spy bug equipment that is used to eavesdrop on someone. Don't take chances with your privacy, confirm your suspicions and speak to our Bug Sweep expert today, call 01157 270212 or 07816 477496. We are available 24/7 and offer FREE professional advice.

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