How likely is it someone has bugged your home, business or car?

With a recent report suggesting that more than ½ a million spying devices are sold in the UK alone, it’s not surprising that believing your house, office or car maybe bugged is a real possibility.
In a time before the internet, getting your hands on a covert spying device meant a trip to a specialist seller who would build and create a device to suit your needs.

Today, it’s possible within a few clicks of a mouse to purchase an adequate covert camera or fibre optic microphone for deployment into most environments. The market place is awash with spying devices from the cheap and ineffective to the most advanced information gathering equipment that used to be the preserve of law enforcement or the security services.

The electronic devices available today can be purchased at distance creating a level of anonymity, with no questions asked. The bugs are purchased with a full explanation of their ability often with an accompanying video tutorial on how they can be used. Their activation is explained with tips on where the bugs can be best placed. And these are just for the amateur.

And if the person wishing to use a hidden device doesn’t have the ability to hide a bug then they can turn to a professional. The professional bugging expert is now faced with a huge choice of off the shelf spying equipment to choose from. And if they can’t find what they are looking for, then they easily adapt an item for their own purposes. Professionals using a device to spy on someone consider the bigger picture than simply planting a bug in a house or car and waiting for the results.
They consider a raft of situations before deploying their secret equipment.

Issues such as:
  • What am I trying to discover? Conversation, activity, relationships or movements?
  • How long is the spying device needed for?
  • How is the device to be powered?
  • Will the device capture information I do not require?
  • How can I get access to the device?
  • How can I disguise the device in its environment?
  • How will I monitor the activity of the electronic bug?
  • Do I break any laws in using listening devices or hidden cameras?
  • How do I remove the bug when it’s no longer required?
  • What contingency do I have in place in case of discovery?
  • In what format do I want to record someone’s private business?
Here at Bug Sweeping UK, we also consider these questions, taking the standpoint that the person responsible for bugging a person’s home, business or car is a professional, which ensures we consider all areas of vulnerability within the environment, taking time to carry out a detailed intense search, sweeping for the most sophisticated spying devices and the cheapest hidden camera, audio bug and GPS car tracker.

If you think that your house, flat, office, workplace or car is being bugged or tracked then contact us to get peace of mind. We can offer you professional no obligation advice explaining how we carry out a bug sweep, the equipment we use, how long a counter surveillance search takes, what happens when we detect a an electronic spy bug, and how much it costs.

We also offer a full report of the wok we carry out along with free advice on how you can make your environment more robust and secure for unwanted third party intrusion.

Email us here, or call us to speak to one of our experts, we’ll be glad to help. Call 01157 270212 or our mobile 07816 477496.