Bug Sweep & De-Bugging Private Homes & Cars

​In todays fast moving world of technology, people are able to purchase the most sophisticated bugging devices that require as little investment as needed coupled with the minimum knowledge of how to use them.

Micro cameras and microphones can be purchased off shopping sites such as Ebay, as well as professional spy equipment retailers for as little as £20.

Equipment such as mini covert cameras, listening bugs, car trackers and phone monitoring software are freely available with no regulation as to who sells them and equally as important, who buys them.

We detect the most advanced electronic spying devices...

Micro pinhole hidden camera for hiding away in a lounge, home office or bathroom
Micro audio microphone for placing in a sitting room, kitchen, or bedroom  
Electrical items with mini video camera hidden inside such as a clock, picture or alarm
Domestic electrical switches, lamps and items of furniture with bug fitted
Phone monitoring software
GPS Car & Vehicle tracker hidden within and on the vehicle
Voice activated recorders hidden in domestic items such as a phone charger or lamp
All weather outdoor spy cameras used for long term deployment
Spy cameras hidden in removable items such as pens, phones and clothing.
Wireless spy devices that transmit images and sound via wireless to a remote computer

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We will attend your house or workplace at a time and day convenient to suit your needs and ensure that no attention is drawn to our attending your location.In our experience, we have found the most basic of equipment that has allowed the user to monitor a person’s movements and listen in to their conversations for prolonged periods of time with the use of equipment that cost no more than £100.

We have also discovered sophisticated spying equipment combined with elaborate methods of installation where the watcher has gone to great lengths to fit a hidden camera in areas of supposed privacy. These cameras were fitted to a remote computer hard drive that allowed the observer to record the activity for viewing at a later date, as well as downloading onto discs and flash drives.

People deploying hidden cameras and covert equipment do so for all sorts of various reasons. They may wish to know what an ex-partner is up to now they are no longer together. They may want to know if a person is doing something they shouldn’t be, or the reason could be for a sexual motive, such as prying into a person’s bedroom or bathroom.

Many of our clients have been unaware that their activity at home has been compromised and invaded. It is following some incident, comment or fault within the home that has led them to believe that their house is being bugged.

We understand that once you believe your private life is being subject to an outside observer watching your every move can be an anxious and stressful time.

That is why we offer a professional, swift and effective bug sweep service for homes and vehicles. We aim to be at your property within 48 hours of you requesting our services.

Our counter surveillance expert will find the hidden camera, we will find the car tracker and we will locate the hidden microphone. If it is there, we will find it.

We recommend that you contact us away from an environment you feel unsafe to communicate from.

You can e-mail us at enquiries@bugsweepinguk.co.uk, or alternatively call us on 01157 270212.