Counter Surveillance for VIP and Persons of Networth


Due to recent events here in the UK and elsewhere in the world, the use of phone monitoring techniques, vehicle trackers and hidden cameras has been very much in the news.

It is well documented that unscrupulous people and organisations will stop at nothing to get the lead on a story, no matter how sensitive or delicate the subject matter is.

Whether the reason for obtaining private information is for blackmail purposes, broadcasting over the internet or selling to a newspaper, the thought of someone bugging your home and spying on your private life can be very distressing as well as damaging to a career or relationship.

Individuals who operate in public view and those of wealth and power stand to
lose more than just private moments.The internet now doesn’t allow news
stories to just disappear and become yesterday’s news.
Private information that can be illegally obtained is instantly
available globally within seconds of it being stolen.

Our company operates in total confidence with the client or their
representative and do not disclose our activity to any third party.
All work carried out is completed with the focus on ensuring our
attendance and activity is completed out in total secrecy,
along with carrying a thorough and comprehensive search for
hidden devices and equipment.

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We will attend the property utilising a cover story to suit the location and clients wishes. Sweeps can be carried out at a time and date to suit the client, safeguarding the client’s privacy whilst on site.

As well as delivering an effective and complete bug sweep, we also provide advice and comment on the overall security of the premises and what can be done to ensure a privacy compromise cannot occur.

If you believe your privacy has been compromised or you wish to discuss your security situation with us, please contact us from an environment you feel secure, and no one is monitoring you.
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