About Us

Our counter surveillance experts are able to detect all types of spy and electronic bugs.

We find and remove hidden cameras, listening devices, covert car trackers and more.

​Our TSCM service is conducted throughout the UK in homes, offices and on vehicles.

If you would like to speak with us concerning our bug sweeping service, call us for free impartial advice on 07816 477496

Bug Sweeping UK is a team of dedicated counter surveillance (TSCM) and corporate espionage professionals who have a wealth of understanding and knowledge, working in the field of covert investigations, particularly in the use of eavesdropping devices such as hidden cameras, audio listening equipment, vehicle trackers and communication interception.Contact us on 0845 5441947 to speak with a counter surveillance expert

Our anti surveillance professionals are prepared and equipped to enter any environment including houses, offices, vehicles, hotel rooms. We use plausible cover stories in order to carry out the search of a premises without causing suspicion. 

We draw upon a broad range of experience from careers within various agencies, deployed on complex and sensitive undercover enquiries. It is from years of working in the arena of clandestine and secret operations that provides us with the experience we take into the private field of detecting and dealing with the latest spy equipment and methods.

How We Serve Our Clients

We are committed to providing our clients with the necessary information and advice to make critical sensitive decisions.  Bug Sweeping UK offer a comprehensive TSCM service to a broad range of clients. Whether you are a private individual who believes their home or vehicle is subject to spying and their movements and conversations are being recorded and monitored by a third party using eavesdropping equipment, or you are a business owner or manager who feels that their commercial activity is at risk from compromise from either an outside agent or an employee who is involved in corporate espionage. 

You can be confident that the counter surveillance service we deliver, will afford you the peace of mind and reassurance to get on with your life or business, knowing that your activity will remain private and confidential.

What Makes Us Different?

We take great pride in keeping our clients activities and confidential needs the primary focus of our service. We customise each bug sweep enquiry to provide awareness and information relevant to their requirements. Our electronic bug sweeps and searches are aimed to provide clients with a well-rounded, thorough investigation, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Protecting sensitive information from eavesdropping throughout an engagement is one of the most important elements of a successful partnership with our clients.  Bug Sweeping UK experts always exercise the highest discretion and maintain the strictest confidentiality in handling all client information.

If you believe you are subject to an eavesdropping campaign and would like your property or business sweeping to locate the presence of a hidden camera or microphone, then contact us. 

We can:

  • Find a hidden spy camera in the home

  • Detect covert spy equipment in the business place

  • Locate the presence of covert spy cameras buried within the fabric of a building or room

  • Identify the latest technologicaly advanced eavesdropping devices

  • Trace an electronic listening bug planted for short or long term periods

  • Analyse computers and mobile phones for the presence of spyware and keyloggers

  • Advise clients in preventing their home or business from being the target of harrasement, espionage or more serious threat

  • Create and implement a stratgey to identify a person / persons involved in obtaining private and confidential information

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Please contact us for any further assistance or advice on 01157 270212 or e-mail us at enquiries@bugsweepinguk.co.uk

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