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We can detect ANY type of covert or hidden tracking device and surveillance bug, anywhere in the UK.

We can detect a tracker on your car, any type, anywhere, any time!


Our car and vehicle Bug / Tracker Detection service deals with covert & hidden GPS car trackers and vehicle spying devices on an ever-increasing level.  A well-placed and hidden, state-of-the-art car tracker will (almost) never be found by a non-professional.9c3ccb0538b33b201497154d44eedc44

They can be buried deep inside the dashboard, bodywork or vehicles electrical circuit and other equally well-hidden locations that can't be discussed here.

Don't waste your money on a tracker detection device on Amazon or Ebay. Get a detailed and thorough sweep of your vehicle done by a professional who have the best equipment and experience.

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If Your Car Has A Hidden GPS Tracker We WILL Find It

Today's modern GPS trackers have become far more widely available in just the last few years. In the past we used to get perhaps a dozen calls a month from clients who suspect their car was being tracked.

Now, we get four to six such cases per week on average, and 80% of the time, we find a device usually placed there not by the Police, but by a jealous partner/ ex-lover, or in some cases a commercial competitor.

Most hidden car tracker systems are discrete and don't interfere with your vehicles electronics. So they shouldn't affect your indicators, radio, ignition system or other electrical equipment. The devices are purposely engineered so as to not be detectable by causing changes in the vehicle's behaviour.

detect car tracker on my car

If you suspect your car is being tracked and followed, and need a car tracker detection service on the car, contact us for a professional comprehensive bug sweep service.

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Hidden Car Tracker Detection Service UK Wide

We are able to electronically Detect, Locate and Remove ALL types of car surveillance devices, including:

GPS Tracker Units that are fitted into the vehicles wiring

Car tracker that is disguised as car relays and fuses

Magnetic car tracker that can be fitted to external elements of the vehicle including chassis, wheel arches, engine bay and sub frame

Micro trackers that can be deployed into the car's roof lining, door cards, boot linings, upholstery, luggage storage and ECU compartments

Tracking units looped onto the car's stereo system, header unit, sat nav system and after market electronic add on’s

How Easy is to Hide A Tracking Device On A Car?

We have been carrying out car tracker detection services for the past 12 years, and carry out a car sweep at least 5 times a week.

The areas here we have discovered covert tracking units is often predictable, but frequently we detect them in some odd places where you would least likely find a tracker unit.

This in the main is because the technology in trackers has moved so fast over the past 3 years. Not just in vehicle trackers, but personal trackers, asset tracking tokens, micro trackers for pets and children, every year they seem to becoming smaller yet more powerful and packed with applications. 

Want Your Car Checked For A Hidden Tracker?

Our car bug sweep service takes approximately 2 hours to complete

We come to a location convenient to you

We offer the best rates available to find a hidden GPS tracking device

Any Devices found, are safely removed and and forensically preserved if required 

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Need Your Car Checking To Detect A Tracker?

There are many versions of covert GPS vehicle trackers available to buy online, but as is the case with most things, you get what you pay for.

The cheaper models of car trackers are unreliable, inaccurate and difficult to control. However GPS tracking devices that cost several hundreds of pounds are extremely effective, compact and an invaluable tool in finding out where someone is or has been.

These more advanced tracking units are able to be controlled via a laptop, PC or smart phone app and allow the user to gather all sorts of information concerning the vehicles behaviour. The car being tracked remains under watch 24 hours a day!

Searching for the presence of a vehicle tracker is time consuming and detailed. We use the latest technology to carry out an electronic bug sweep of a car and then examine areas of the vehicle where an indication of a device is.

Depending on the type of tracker used, it can be attached to the bodywork of the vehicle either externally or if the user has access to the vehicle secreted inside, or even behind the dashboard and control panel cluster.

With most modern cars and vehicles, there are numerous places for a GPS tracker the size of a match box to be fitted.

If you believe your car is bugged or your car is being tracked and someone has attached or fitted a tracker to your car, van, lorry or vehicle, contact us to arrange a detailed search.

We can sweep your car for a hidden tracker and find remove if required. Our GPS car tracker detection service is done throughout the UK, and can take 2 - 3 hours to complete, and are carried discreetly at a safe location convenient to you.1eb34926819d35cece046eaeb032df65

Is There A Police Tracker Hidden On My Car?0d0c91438caa639d4dd43526f167b89b

 Question: Can the Police track my car?

 Answer: Yes - UK Police forces are able to use car trackers to gather information and intelligence on individuals and their movements. 

As long as the Police have the appropriate authorisations in place they can use vehicle trackers as part of their information gathering strategy. 

 Question: How do the Police put a tracker on my car?

 Answer: There are many methods the Police use to put a tracker on a person’s car and it is very difficult to protect your vehicle from being targeted.

 Question: Is it legal to have my car checked to find a Police tracker?

 Answer: No, you are well within your rights to have your car searched for a tracker device.

Question: What happens when a Police tracking device is found on my car?

 Answer: Once we detect a tracker, the device is identified, photographed in situ, and then we can remove it, if that’s what you want.

 Question: Will the Police want their tracker back when it's found?

 Answer: It is unlikely that the Police will acknowledge that the tracker is there’s. we advise handing it to your solicitor or keeping holds of it as evidence for any potential legal case in the future.

If you believe the Police have put a tracker on your car call us to find out for sure.

 Our tracker detection service is discreet and confidential.

 Want To Have a Bug Sweep and Have Your Car or Vehicle Scanned For A Tracker?

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What Does A Vehicle Bug Sweep Service Involve?

 Bug Sweeping UK provide a detailed and thorough electronic and physical examination and bug sweep of your car, van lorry or any other type of vehicle.

How we bug sweep your car:

We search and bug sweep all outside parts of the vehicle including, engine bay, underneath, wheel arches.

We search and bug sweep all internal elements of the car, wiring looms, upholstery, dash, roof lining, electrical components, floor pan.

Our car bug sweep takes approximately 2 hours to complete.5f8123242cee1f53d12246b6c6e9e34f

We come to your location or a place convenient to you.

We use the latest technology and software to detect all types, including the latest types of car tracker / GPS tracker / 5G tracker / Bluetooth tracker / GSM tracker, Rabbit system.

 We GUARANTEE if there is a tracker hidden or other type of surveillance device, we WILL FIND IT 

If you believe your car or vehicle is being tracked, monitored, or followed, call us today to a professional sweep and tracker detection search.7a86b20dbac7aa32eaf928a7be5e2596

Hidden Car Tracker – Their Use, Who Uses Them And What Can Be Done to Find Them?

 Tracking devices on cars have been around for a while now. In most cases they are used for legitimate purposes, such as employee monitoring, health and safety compliance, asset security and vehicle management. 

The technology behind trackers like most electronic devices has moved on significantly. Nowadays, not only can they pinpoint the actual position of the car, but they can also tell the users of the tracking device it’s speed, direction of travel, fuel economy, travel history and in some cases have the capability of stopping the vehicle from moving.

Most trackers come with an app that can be controlled from a desktop, tablet, or mobile smart phone. From their device of choice, they can establish if the tracker ‘s battery is low and requires charging, set the reporting of its activity from real-time to any other parameters such as every 10 minutes, 5 minutes etc. The GPS tracker can also be set to notify the user if it travels towards a particular region or location. 

This capability is known as geo-fencing.

For example, if the car with the tracker fitted is based in Leicester, and the user suspects it travels regularly to Birmingham and wants to be alerted when the car travels in that direction the app will create a boundary around Leicester so when the vehicle exits this electronic boundary the app alerts the user so they can monitor or follow the car to its destination.

The Covert hidden GPS trackers that we search for on clients’ cars, have exactly the same capabilities as these tracking devices.

The majority of tracking devices that we detect are easily purchased from the likes of Amazon or the Tracker shop.

With a little imagination these tracking bugs can be hidden without too much effort.

Tracking devices can be hidden in all manner of locations within or on the outside of a car. 

This is why detecting a tracking device is a time-consuming job, usually taking approximately 2 hours to detect the tracker and remove it. There are now many types of car tracker including those that are disguised to look like relays, fuses and other electronic elements of the car.

A spying device on a car is a little more challenging to locate as they are usually planted within the dashboard, roof lining or door cards in the cabin area of the vehicle.


Who needs a car tracker detection service?

A car tracker is easily purchased off the internet. There are no regulations who can buy one or use on. Simply take delivery of the tracker and choose what vehicle you want to hide it on, with or without the owners permission.

But who is buying a car tracker to hide on a car?

We have been carrying out our car tracker detection service for over 10 years and believe we have seen all scenarios where a person has fitted a car tracking device. 

The most common individual is the suspicious husband or wife who believes their partner having an affair. In these cases, when it is the wife or girlfriend who is suspicious, they often use the services of a private investigator who is paid to place a tracker on a car and monitor the movements of the vehicle for a set price.

When it is the male partner, they will hide the tracker on the car themselves and because they have access to the inside of the car, they try to be clever by wiring the tracker into the vehicles electrics.

#1. Spying on a partner is the most common reason for us to carry out a car tracker detection service.

Another situation where a client feels their car is bugged is from a stalker or someone causing harassment to the client. These people tend to use a car tracker that is fitted to the underside of the car’s bodywork as they have limited access to the vehicle’s internal parts. 

Over the past 15 years we have carried out hundreds of car tracker sweeps and found tracking bugs in some very strange places including the engine bay, exhaust pipe, inside the alloy and even on the front grill, (disguised as front facing camera). 174a455edede037d731a27ee1dde067d

#2. Stalkers spying and causing harassment is another top reason why we provide a car tracker detection service.

We have lost count the number of times we have carried out a car tracker detection service on a client’s car because of a family dispute.

One of the most common reasons is because a member of the family suspects that a parent or sibling is doing something against the families wishes. This can cause suspicion, leading to a family member planting a tracker on the car to establish where they are going and who they are seeing.

Although it isn’t necessary illegal to track someone’s car, (unless it causes harassment) it is considered an invasion of a person’s privacy. Trying to find a hidden car tracker yourself is not advised as you may not understand what the car tracker looks like. 

#3. A popular motive for a car tracker detection service is for a family member planting a covert gps tracker on the car. 

Our tracking device detection service on cars does not simply look for the types of trackers that can be purchased off the internet. We understand that there are surveillance experts and IT geeks who are very familiar with how to construct, adapt and use GPS trackers for their own sinister purposes.

That’s why our car bug sweep is meticulous and detailed. We use the very best technology and equipment to detect the most advanced electronic car tracker. Whether it’s been fitted by the Police, security services, private investigator or amateur, our expertise and equipment will find it and remove it.

It is this attention to detail and approach, which ensures we are able to find and detect ALL car trackers. The search for a tracker is comprehensive and methodical. Everything is checked, inside and outside.

#4. When the matter is so delicate and potentially life threatening, the bug sweep of a car for someone who is being stalked and harassed should be carried out by a professional bug sweep company such as ourselves.

We are able to provide expert evidence of the electronic detection method carried out, what we used to detect a tracker or spy bug, and how we preserved it for evidence and a potential criminal court case.

To be arrested and investigated for a matter you feel you are innocent of can be life changing and extremely stressful. If the matter is considered serious enough, the Police have various methods of obtaining the evidence they need to prosecute you. 20b2d2409da08cdddc5f49fc886a4242

One of these methods is to bug your car.

Intelligence and information can be obtained and used from a hidden covert car bug or listening device planted in your car can be used in a court of law against you.

There are many high-profile cases where the use of Police bugging a suspect’s car has been revealed. 

We have carried out a significant number of house car bug sweeps where the Police have seized and searched for many hours, making the client suspect they may have planted a surveillance device in their car.

To live with the thought hanging over you that the Police have secretly bugged your car, creates stress and anxiety, particularly when you know you have done nothing wrong.

#5. We have detected many electronic surveillance devices in cars whereby the client has been recently stopped or arrested by the Police. Believing you are under surveillance by the authorities is reason number 5 why we carry out our bug sweep services on cars and vehicles. 

Why Should I Have A Bug Sweep On My Car?

Simple answer: You Do Not Want To Be Followed or Spied On. 

To live with the thought that there is someone you may know or not that is listening to your conversations or watching where you are going in your car is very worrying.