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We are the UK's leading bug sweeping company and can detect ANY type of covert or hidden surveillance device / spy bug, anywhere in the UK.

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With over 30 years experience in the field of covert surveillance and carrying out counter surveillance sweeps on private houses, OFFICES & VEHICLES, we have the experience and equipment to detect even the most sophisticated bugs and technology used for spying on people.

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The Professional Bug Sweep Company - Protecting Your Privacy

In today's fast moving world of technology, people are able to purchase the most sophisticated spying devices that require as little investment as needed, coupled with the minimum knowledge of how to use or plant them into someones home or car.

Micro cameras and tiny covert microphones that we detect whilst carrying out a bug sweep on a weekly basis, can be purchased off shopping sites such as Ebay and Amazon, as well as professional spy equipment retailers for as little as £20 and hidden virtually anywhere within your house or residential property.

How Our Residential Bug Sweeping Service Works

On receiving your bug sweep enquiry, we establish your concerns and why you need a bug detection service, and provide you with FREE ADVICE.

You can call us on 07816 477496 or email us at enquiries@bugsweepinguk.co.uk 


Our home bug sweeping service is thorough and detailed, backed up with a report of our findings.

Want a bug sweep of your home at the weekend or in the evening - No Problem.

We carry out residential bug sweeps 7 days a week and cover all over England & Walesbug sweep my house

Residential Bug Sweep Service

Our house spy bug search and detection methods takes several hours to complete and checks all elements of the property including:

  1. electrical outlets
  2. furniture
  3. portable devices
  4. electronic items
  5. white goods
  6. walls & ceilings
  7. electrical fittings
  8. lofts & basements
  9. Wifi networks
  10. home security controls

The complete home bug detector service, including search and electronic sweep, detection, removal and report


Bug Sweeping Houses - Explained

We understand that for most people the use of spying devices and planting a hidden camera or listening device in a home is something very much out of the ordinary. We also understand the worry and anxiety the thought of being bugged in your own home can cause. That is why we explain to our clients, who we are, what we do and what a residential bug sweep involves and how much it costs.

Is Your Residential Bug Sweeping Service, discreet and in confidence?

Yes it is.

We can attend your house or workplace at a time and day convenient to suit your needs and ensure that no attention is drawn to our attending your location. In our experience, we have found the most basic of equipment that has allowed the user to monitor a person’s movements and listen in to their conversations for prolonged periods of time with the use of equipment that cost no more than £100.

Read here other frequently asked questions concerning our services.

Are You Able to Fully De-Bug A House of ALL Spying Devices?


Yes We Can.

Our de-bugging equipment and covert surveillance experience ensures we can find ANY clandestine spying device, irrespective of who has planted it in your home. 

We have discovered sophisticated spying equipment combined with elaborate methods of installation where the watcher has gone to great lengths to fit a hidden camera in areas of supposed privacy. These cameras were fitted to a remote computer hard drive that allowed the observer to record the activity for viewing at a later date, as well as downloading onto discs and flash drives.

People plant hidden cameras and spying equipment, do so for all sorts of various reasons. They may wish to find out what an ex-partner is up to now they are no longer together. They may want to see if a person is doing something they shouldn’t be, or the reason could be for a sexual motive, such as spying on a person’s bedroom or bathroom.

Many of our clients have been unaware that their activity at home has been compromised and invaded. We are regularly told " I feel that someone is watching me and know information on me they shouldn't" . It is following some incident, comment or fault within the home that has led them to believe that their house is being bugged.


Our services are used by clients who believe:

  • Their neighbour is spying on them with a hidden camera

  • An ex-partner has planted a listening device within the home and is listening to their private conversations

  • Police have carried out a raid and been in their house and may have planted a surveillance device inside

  • A person or organisation has mounted a campaign of harassment against them using surveillance devices in their home

  • Unknown persons are wanting to spy on their private life using electronic spy cameras

We understand that once you believe your private life is being subject to intrusive surveillance, watching your every move can be an anxious and stressful time.

That is why we offer a professional, swift and effective bug sweep service for your home and vehicle. We aim to be at your property within 48 hours of you requesting our services.

Our counter surveillance expert will detect the hidden camera, we will find the car tracker and we will locate the hidden microphone. If it is there, we will find it.

We recommend that you contact us away from an environment you feel unsafe to communicate from.

If you would like to speak with us concerning our home bug sweeping service, call us for free no obligation advice and speak to an expert - 01157 270212 


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How we bug sweep your house

Our home specialist spy bug detection service leaves no stone unturned. Our sweeps are lengthy and take several hours to complete.7c8db62b4e07c55854a2cc60662b50e0

Here is what we do:

  • We search and bug sweep all rooms and spaces within the property
  • We check the property’s wiring, including switches, sockets, power points and power sources
  • We scan all furniture, doors, white goods and electrical items
  • We scan portable items, PIR’s smoke detectors and security equipment
  • We analyse the WIFI network for anything that maybe piggy backing the network
  • We analyse landlines and intercom systems
  • We scan for devices hidden in walls, cavities, lofts, basements and behind tiled areas

If you would like your car checking for a spy bug or hidden tracker, we can do that at the same time we sweep your home. More here about our tracker detection service.

Our equipment can detect ALL types of surveillance devices irrespective of how they collect data or transmit data

More about what we do at Bug Sweeping UK HERE>> 

Download our residential bug sweep brochure HERE>>

"I Think I Have A Hidden Camera / Listening Device Concealed In My Home"!

When a client tells us “I think I have a hidden recording device in my home, or I need a bug detection company to search my house for a hidden a camera” the first thing we do is ask why they believe they are being bugged? We want to understand the symptoms of their concerns, that way we can advise as to what we can do, to discover if they are under electronic surveillance.

If they live in a terraced property, or a flat / apartment in a block, and they suspect their neighbour of using something against them, it may prove challenging to us to identify if a voice recorder or micro camera is being used, as the neighbour may only use it when they want to.

In other words, if the surveillance device isn’t being used and switched on when we carry out the sweep, then it really isn’t worth us carrying out the bug sweep.


Clients do not have to tell us why they believe they are being watched or listened to, but it helps us understand the level of threat and potential areas we need to concentrate on.

Bugging a house, isn’t as simple as it seems. The individual or persons deploying the spying device should consider what they want, video or audio or both, what do they want to observe, new people attending the address, catching the occupier in a sensitive /delicate position, private conversations that may be of use, or just information to give the user an upper hand.

Today’s spy bugs come in all shapes and guises, from smoke detectors and extension leads, to cuddly toys, items of furniture and even tins of deodorant!

The internet is full of spy detectors you can buy off the shelf, but do you really know how they work, IF they work, and what do they detect IF they work?

If you believe you have a camera or listening recorder hidden in your home, it is likely you will feel very vulnerable, stressed, and anxious. The only way to give you peace of mind is for a bug sweeping expert to scan and detect for devices that may be concealed.  

When looking for a reputable bug sweeping company, you need to know what experience they have, do they subcontract the work out (it may be cheaper to find a company such as ourselves that only use their own staff), what equipment do they use, what experience do they have of de-bugging a property, how long doe it take (it takes us approximately 6-7 hours to complete a bug sweep of a 2 bed property), do they provide an experts report on completion of the house bug sweep, and if necessary can they give the Police a witness statement when a spying device is located.

Call us at our office on>> 01157 270212 or on our mobile>> 07816 477496


How Does Bug Sweeping A House Make It More Secure?

The official, and industry standard term for carrying out a bug sweep on a house, office premises or vehicle is a technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM). A bug sweep on a residential property is an expert method of detecting the presence of clandestine devices and removing them to create a secure and controlled environment that offers protection against electronic surveillance and eavesdropping.

It is often used by private clients who believe their privacy has been compromised by an unlawful person or persons, who are obtaining private and personal information against them without their permission. Organisations also use the services of a counter surveillance specialists such as ourselves who handle sensitive information and want to ensure their conversations and activities remain confidential.

Bug sweeping a house typically incorporates various security measures to prevent unauthorised access and protect against electronic surveillance devices.

These security measures may include:

Shielding: The walls, floors, and ceilings of the house are constructed with materials that block electromagnetic signals, preventing the leakage of information.
Secure Access: Strict access control measures are used to limit entry to authorised personnel only. This may involve the use of biometric systems, access cards, or security guards.
Radio Frequency (RF) Monitoring: Sophisticated RF monitoring equipment is installed to detect and locate any unauthorised signals or transmitters that could compromise the security of the environment.
Wireless Protection: All communication lines entering or leaving the property are thoroughly inspected and protected against wiretapping or tampering attempts.
Electronic Sweep: Regular inspections and electronic sweeps are conducted using specialised equipment to detect hidden surveillance devices such as bugs, cameras, or recording devices.
Acoustic Measures: Soundproofing techniques are employed to prevent sound leakage, ensuring conversations within the area cannot be overheard.
Physical Security: The facility may have additional physical security measures, including surveillance cameras, alarms, reinforced doors, and secure storage for sensitive materials.

Many private clients undertake a bug sweep of their residential property as they want peace of mind and then can secure their home against unwanted intrusion.

As counter surveillance specialists, we are able to provide expert advice on how to ensure your privacy is protected. 

House Bug Sweeping Service

Covert electronic surveillance and the use spying devices in the home is increasing at an alarming rate.  The ease and availability of devices which capture private moments and sensitive conversations of hidden is at the fingertips of anyone who wishes to spy on someone.

The world of technology is moving at fast rate and the advancement in micro cameras, listening devices and voice recorders that can be hidden in a house or apartment is equally advanced.

The market for private surveillance equipment is worth billions world-wide.

People are buying spy cameras and listening bugs for all sorts of reasons, some of them for good, others for more sinister purposes.



Who needs their home bug sweeping?

If you want to buy a spy camera to hide in a house, you simply search the thousands of suppliers on the internet and decide which one is suitable for your purposes.

But who is buying surveillance equipment to fit in a house? 

We have been carrying out technical bug sweeps on houses for over 10 years and believe we have seen nearly all scenarios where someone has fitted a hidden camera or listening device into someone’s home. 

The most common is the suspicious husband or ex who believes their partner is started a relationship with someone else. This even happens when the couple have split up, the ex-partner still wants to know what they are up to.

Unfortunately, in our experience it is usually the male partner who has resorted to spying on their partner. They have access to the home, they know how things work, and they know the best place to hide a camera or listening device to get the information they are seeking.

Because they have access or up until recently used to, they are able to use various types of hidden spying device in the home. Those that transmit information externally and are wired into the property, a spy bug hidden in the home that records locally onto a SD card, hard drive or computer, or a spy camera that uses the local WIFI network working with a third-party app giving the user 24-hour covert surveillance inside the home. 

#1. Spying on a partner is the most common reason for us to bug sweep a house.

Another situation where a client feels their home is being bugged is from a neighbour. Problems with neighbours arise from the most insignificant incident or issue and then suddenly manifest into a more serious matter.

We have been called to hundreds of homes and property’s whereby the client suspects their neighbour spying on them. Micro cameras have been used both in the house and the garden to spy on them, the neighbour is using a listening device to record their conversations secretly.42d8bd3fecc777b512e38392f87f5fae

Depending on the type of house being spied on, will determine what surveillance device they will use:

  1. Do they have access to their neighbours’ home?
  2. Is the house, bungalow, flat attached to the neighbour they suspect?
  3. Does the neighbour have a background in Police or security?
  4. Do the neighbours know too much private information about you?
  5. Is the house being bugged left unoccupied for periods of time?
  6. Do the neighbours know your movements? 

Nosey neighbours can be a real problem and cause great anxiety and stress to someone who suspect their house is being bugged.

#2. Neighbours spying and causing harassment is another top reason why we provide a bug sweeping services on a house.

We have lost count the number of times we have carried out a bug sweep on a client’s house because of a family dispute. 

One of the most common reasons is because sadly a member of the family has passed away, and there is a large amount of money been left to various surviving members. This can cause friction and suspicion, leading to someone using sneaky tactics to stay one step ahead, by fitting a hidden camera or mini voice recorder that can give them the piece of information they are seeking. 

Although it isn’t illegal to bug your own home, it is considered immoral and an invasion of someone’s privacy. The person who has planted the spy bug in the house needs to be careful in how they use the information they have gathered using these means. It would be an uncomfortable disclosure stating you had bugged your own home or that of a family member to gain private information.

#3. A popular motive for a bug detection service on a house, is for a family member planting a spying device in the home for personal benefit.

Individuals obsessed with another person who are considered a stalker is a widespread reason for us attending a client’s home and carrying out a residential bug sweep.

It is usually a female who is the subject of the harassment, from someone they have dated, been married to or a co-worker, or on the odd occasion, a stranger who has seen the and decided they want to know them better.

Our bug sweep service on homes does not simply look for the types of spying devices that can be purchased off the internet. We understand that there are surveillance experts and IT geeks who are very familiar with how to construct, adapt and use clandestine spying devices for their own sinister purposes.

That’s why our bug sweep is meticulous and detailed. We use the very best technology and equipment to detect the most advanced electronic spying device. Whether it’s been fitted by the Police, security services, private investigator or amateur, our expertise and equipment will detect it.

It is this attention to detail and approach ensures we are able to find and detect spying devices hidden in your home. The search for a covert camera or listening bug is comprehensive and methodical. Everything is checked, from furniture and white goods to electrical fixings. We de-bug everything. Even landlines for wire taps and de-bugging of devices, we check everywhere. We are able to provide expert evidence of the bug sweeping method carried out, what we used to detect a hidden camera or listening device, and how we preserved it for evidence and a potential criminal court case.

#4. When the matter is so delicate and potentially life threatening, the bug sweep of the home for someone who is being stalked and harassed should be carried out by a professional bug sweeping company such as us.

To be arrested and investigated for a matter you feel you are innocent of can be life changing and extremely stressful. If the matter is considered serious enough, the Police have various methods of obtaining the evidence they need to prosecute you.

One of these methods is to bug your house.

Recording gained from a hidden camera or listening device planted in your home can be used in a court of law against you.

There are many high-profile cases where the use of Police bugging a suspect’s house has been revealed.

It is normal for the Police to carry out a raid on a suspect’s house, even a property they do not reside in, for example a parent or sibling’s address. But if the Police they have the grounds to search that house, they will seek authority to do so.

We have carried out a significant number of house bug sweeps where the Police have searched and been in the property for many hours, making the occupants suspect they may have planted a surveillance device in their home. 

To live with the thought hanging over you that the Police have secretly bugged your house, creates stress and anxiety, particularly when you know you have done nothing wrong.We have detected many electronic surveillance devices in homes whereby the occupant has been recently raided by the Police.

#5. Believing you are under surveillance by the authorities is reason number 5 why we carry out our bug sweeping services on houses and other residential properties. 


Why Should I Bug Sweep My Home?

Simple answer: You want peace of mind.

To live with the thought that there is someone listening to your conversations or watching what you are doing in your home is very disturbing.

Hidden cameras in a house can record all your most intimate and personal moments. Situations you do not wish to share with anyone. Who knows where the footage from a secret camera will finish up. On the internet? Shared with family or friends?Bug sweeping expert_3

For many people who now work from home, the thought that they may have a spying device in their house is concerning from a data compliance perspective. A data breach of someone’s personal information may have consequences for the company they work for. Having a house bug sweep completed can demonstrate they take personal security seriously and have taken steps to ensure private information remains private.

There are circumstances where we have carried out a bug sweep on a house when the occupant fears that a hidden camera has been planted in the house for sexual reasons.

On several occasions we have conducted a residential bug sweep where the occupant has been filmed by a landlord who had access to the house and was able to plant a covert micro camera in the bedroom of a tenant. 

On these occasions we advise the client to inform the Police. We detect the hidden camera, remove it and preserve it for the Police to carry out enquiries. 

Incidents whereby the person using the hidden camera for these purposes is not that common, but we are seeing more, in particular against women who live alone.  

What is involved in bug sweeping your house?

First of all, our bug sweeping service is discreet. We attend your home or property in an unmarked vehicle. We do not wear a uniform indicating who we are or what we do. We have the appearance of electricians carrying out domestic work on your property.

Prior to us entering and commencing a bug sweep on your house, we discuss your situation to understand the level of threat and who you may suspect of bugging your home.

Whilst in the property, carrying out the bug sweep, we do not discuss why we are there or who we are, we just talk as a tradesperson would, there is no mention of bug sweeping or looking for surveillance devices.

Our residential bug sweeps take several hours to complete. We check all rooms and areas, including the loft and basement. We analyse the WIFI network and phone lines. Covert surveillance devices can be hidden anywhere including furniture, white goods, TV’s appliances, walls, electrical outlets, portable devices, PIR’s smoke alarms and more. Our bug sweeping service is thorough and we check everything. 

On completion of the bug sweep of your house, and a device is detected and located, we advise the possibilities of what we can do in terms of removing it, forensically examining it and handing it over to you. You can then decide what you wish to do with it, hand it a solicitor, or involve the Police, or confront the person you suspect of bugging your home.

Whatever you choose, we can provide a written report of the bug sweep service we have provided, including details of the bug sweeping equipment, methods, who we are and our findings. A statement of the bug sweep detection can also be provided to the Police if the issue was to go to court. 60d509c87f58053cf7196fa927634216

We have carrying out expert counter surveillance bug sweeps for over 15 years and are familiar of giving evidence at court of the bug sweeping service we provide. Our testimony has helped many clients get the justice they deserve from predators and stalkers.


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