Is Your Car Being Tracked? | How We Find a Car Tracker

Do You Suspect Your Car Has a Tracker Fitted or You believe it Is Bugged?

Our vehicle Bug Sweep service deals with covert & hidden GPS car trackers and vehicle spying devices on an ever increasing level.  A well-placed and hidden, state-of-the-art car tracker will (almost) never be found by a non-professional. They can be buried deep inside the dashboard, bodywork or vehicles electrical circuit and other equally well-hidden locations that can't be discussed here. Therefore, as an amateur, your best hope is that whoever did the installation lacked the know-how/time/budget to do it properly.

Today's modern GPS trackers have become far more widely available in just the last few years. In the past we used to get perhaps a dozen calls a month from clients who suspect their car was being tracked. Now, we get four to six such cases per week on average, and 80% of the time, we find a device usually placed there not by the Police, but by a jealous partner/ ex-lover, or in some cases a commercial competitor.

Most hidden car tracker systems are discrete and don't interfere with your vehicles electronics. So they shouldn't affect your indicators, radio, ignition system or other electrical equipment. The devices are purposely engineered so as to not be detectable by causing changes in the vehicle's behaviour.

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How to Detect A Covert Vehicle Tracking Device

There are many versions of covert GPS vehicle trackers available to buy online, but as is the case with most things, you get what you pay for. The cheaper models of car trackers are unreliable, inaccurate and difficult to control. However GPS tracking devices that cost several hundreds of pounds are extremely effective, compact and an invaluable tool in finding out where someone is or has been. These more advanced tracking units are able to be controlled via a laptop, PC or smart phone app and allow the user to gather all sorts of information concerning the vehicles behaviour. The car being tracked remains under watch 24 hours a day!
Searching for the presence of a vehicle tracker is time consuming and detailed. We use the latest technology to carry out an electronic bug sweep of a car and then examine areas of the vehicle where an indication of a device is. Depending on the type of tracker used, it can be attached to the bodywork of the vehicle either externally or if the user has access to the vehcile secreted inside, or even behind the dashboard and control panel cluster.

With most modern cars and vehicles, there are numerous places for a GPS tracker the size of a match box to be fitted.

If you believe your car is bugged or your car is being tracked and someone has attached or fitted a tracker to your car, van, lorry or vehicle, contact us to arrange a detailed search.

We can sweep your car for a tracker and and find remove if required. Our GPS car tracker detection service is done throughout the 
UK, and can take 2 - 3 hours to complete, and are carried discreetly at a safe location convenient to you.

Is There A Police Tracker On My Car?

Question: Can the Police put a tracker on my car?

Answer: Yes - UK Police forces are able to use car trackers to gather information and intelligence on individuals and their movements. 

As long as the Police have the appropriate authorisations in place they can use vehicle trackers as part of their information gathering strategy. 

How do the Police put a tracker on my car?

Answer: There are many methods the Police use to put a tracker on a persons car and it is very difficult to protect your vehicle from being targeted.

If you believe the Police have put a tracker on your car call us to find out for sure.

Our car tracker detection service is discreet and confidential.


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