More Bug Sweep Case Studies

Client Suspect's Her Ex-Partner Has Bugged Her Flat. And her Suspicions Are Confirmed

A professional female client requested our services following an acrimonious split from her ex-partner, and her starting a new relationship.

She suspected her ex of secretly watching her, as he had told her children details of conversations she thought she had held privately. She called us to bug sweep her flat for a hidden mic or listening device.

Following a detailed electronic bug sweep of her home, we found a covert audio microphone wired into the living room’s electrical circuit.
The spy bug was they type which allowed the ex-partner to listen to private conversations taking place from a remote location and subsequently recording the conversations for his own purpose.
We found a similar listening device in the clients bedroom. Both of these listening bugs were deployed for a long term capability, whereby the ex, did not require regular access to the property. 

We Think Our Office Is Bugged

The director of a London investment bank requested our electronic spyware detection service to prevent highly sensitive information being leaked out to a company that had interests in a merger that was due to take place. It was suspected that details from a series of meetings that were due to take place in one of the firm’s boardrooms maybe compromised.

During the night we completed a thorough counter surveillance sweep of three boardrooms, two meeting rooms along with the director’s offices.

From one of the rooms we recovered a highly advanced hidden microphone planted in a piece of office furniture, that would not have been detected without using specialist equipment.
The sophisticated spy bug was a bespoke piece of equipment created solely for its deployment into the room and listening into private conversations that were very sensitive. The client was informed and dealt with the matter through their own in-house security department. 

Dishonest Employee Uses Hidden Microphone & Key Loggers to Steal Information

Clients in London suspected an employee who was due to leave the company and work for a competitor of stealing company data and client details.

On our electronic search of the companies offices we were able to detect the presence of a clandestine eavesdropping device, omitting a high frequency signal. Eventually we found a sophisticated hidden micro camera concealed in the senior managements meeting room, along with two computer key loggers hidden in the back of two senior executives desktop computer towers.

In consultation with the director we devised a strategy to flush out the employee responsible for planting the bugs, and he was caught soon after in possession of one of the key loggers. This individual was going to use the company information for his own benefit.


We Find Hidden Spy Cameras In City Apartment 

A businessman contacted us following concerns over personal security at his Manchester apartment.
The apartment was used by the businessman infrequently for personal meetings. During the course of our detailed electronic bug sweep of the apartment, we discovered the bedroom was fitted with a hidden mini camera wirelessly sending out footage to an unknown remote location.The lounge area had also been fitted with a hidden camera that captured images of people entering the flat’s entrance door.
At the request of the client, the devices were left in situ in order for the police to be contacted and remove them for forensic examination.
It was believed that the client was to be subjected to a blackmail threat.

Nervous Celebrity Car Was Being Secretly Tracked with Hidden GPS Tracking Device 

An agent representing someone who features on TV regularly contacted us as he believed his client's movements were being monitored, and someone was following them.
The client already had in place complex security measures and security staff. Following us analysing the client’s mobile phones and computer equipment, we turned our attention to their vehicles and located a tracking device on both his and his wife’s cars
Both devices were hidden deep within the vehicle’s bodywork, connected to the cars electric circuit, preventing them being found from a simple physical search.
Following their detection, we consulted with the Police and advised them on how they could identify the people responsible for deploying the devices.

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