Electronic Counter Surveillance Services for the Middle East

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Electronic Counter Surveillance Services for the Middle East

As experts in the field of electronic surveillance detection, our services are used worldwide, including the Middle East.
We deliver our specialist technical counter surveillance and counter espionage services to a wide range of clients throughout the Middle East, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi).
Our clients in the Middle East range from established regional businesses to multinational enterprises whose offices span the globe.
Having carried out TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) work in the Middle East for the past few years, we have built up a reputation for providing a first class service, as well as developing an understanding of the threats encountered and the need for discretion operating alongside the principles and values of our clients.
Across the Middle East we are able to carry out comprehensive TSCM inspections to discover electronic surveillance and espionage attacks.
TSCM inspections are used by our commercial clients to ensure their critical information and key data remains protected. Our bug sweep inspections are just one aspect of an inclusive approach to counter surveillance management and includes a variety of electronic and physical sweep types using several types of counter surveillance technology to ensure the client's privacy and data remain secure maintaining a competitive advantage in their respective markets.
There are a number of advantages and benefits to performing electronic bug sweeps on commercial sites:
  • Increases commercial profitability.
    • Offers protection of intellectual property.
    • Creates an environment secure from electronic surveillance.
    • Gives a heads up of potential espionage activity.
    • Resilience testing can be carried out against current security measures.
  • Provides our experts an opportunity to offer a more robust security strategy surrounding data leakage and espionage.

Our electronic counter surveillance services in the Middle East offer protection to various environments including:

  • Boardrooms
  • Open plan offices
  • Communications rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Staff meeting rooms
  • Operations rooms
  • Sensitive restricted areas
  • CEO offices
  • False ceiling cavities
  • Cable trunking systems
  • False partitions
The purpose of us carrying out counter surveillance services in the Middle East is to protect the client when they consider their business activities could be compromised from an interested third party, including a competitor, government agency, ex - employee, the media or organised criminal group.
The advantage of having an electronic sweep carried out, is that it provides peace of mind, an increased level of site security, and an environment that can be considered safe for the purposes of carrying out sensitive and confidential discussions and activity.
As well as carrying out TSCM sweeps on commercial sites, we also carry out electronic bug sweeps on private homes and vehicles including, aircraft, cars and boats.

If you would like to know more about our counter surveillance services carried out in the Middle East, please call our UK office and speak to one of our experts who will provide you with free advice and a cost for our services

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