Specialist Electronic Bug Detection Service - Nationwide

Don’t let your privacy be violated by someone illegally bugging your home or office. If you or your company is concerned that your office or home may be under electronic surveillance of any kind, we can help.
Notwithstanding the laws designed to protect us from these types of invasions of privacy, bugs and phone taps are regularly used to spy on people involved in litigation, divorce, sensitive business and well-to-do individuals. Imagine if all of your conversations with friends, business associates, your solicitor, doctor or accountant were being monitored by someone!
We also find that litigation is another major influence for electronic eavesdropping. Even if you are not involved in business or litigation, everyday individuals have been targeted by criminals who gained access to telephone data lines using electronic bugs.


The services we offer throughout the UK:

  •                     Comprehensive electronic bug sweep using specialist equipment 

  • Technical surveillance counter measures, refered to as TSCM on buildings and vehicles

  • Telephone and instrument debugging and sweeping for the presence of phone tap

  • Electronic bug sweep rooms for transmitters in work places and commercial sites

  • Detect hidden camera, find and remove hidden listening device

  • Secure conference rooms and offices from surveillance devices prior to important meetings

  • Residential bug sweeps - checking house and flats for the presence of all surveillance devices

  • 24-hour availability throughout the UK


What to do if you suspect that your home or office is being bugged?

  1. Watch what you say and NEVER discuss the possibility of a bug being in place while you are inside, outside, or near any suspect location or in your car.

    TSCM Services Boardroom

  2. Never call from any type of cordless phone, mobile phone, or any other type of wireless device.

  3. Don’t use your computer, table or laptop. Bugging a computer is every bit as easy as bugging a room or telephone for audio recording.

  4. Do not trust any type of spread spectrum telephone or fax machine line as they are very easy to monitor.

  5. Have someone who is expert in TSCM to discuss your concerns in detail before you make the decision to hire them. Never call the TSCM company from your office or home. Call from a relative or friends house, payphone or another business.

  6. Keep your composure. Assess what damage could have been done and if you want to leave a bug in place to provide disinformation.

  7. We recommend to not try and find the bug or phone tap yourself.


Cheap and effective spying devices make it easier for people to access your private information.

In the UK millions of pounds worth of listening devices and bugs are sold every day. Most of these devices are sold via the internet, from “spy stores” and from unscrupulous private investigators. Most of these bugging devices cost very little and are easily detected, but highly sophisticated products may be purchased for under one thousand pounds. To make matters worse, anyone with a basic understanding of electronics and access to a hardware store can build an eavesdropping device. Try typing in “Bug detector kit” on any major search engine and see how many choices you have to build your own. We advise you leave it to the counter surveillance experts who provide a comprehensive electronic bug detection service. 

Bug Sweeping UK can find the spy bug and let you get some sleep again, quickly and affordably.

 We STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT “do it yourself” by purchasing an “electronic divining rod” from a spy shop site. These devices, when they do work, only detect one type of bug and will give you nothing more than a false sense of security and feeling £200+ less off.
Once you go looking for the bug on your own, if it does exist, the person who planted it there will be alerted to your efforts and come and get it before a professional can help. Get affordable, reliable help as quickly as possible from our trained TSCM experts today.
We engage in TSCM electronic sweeping of businesses and homes in throughout England and Wales on a daily basis. Our technicians are expert at discreetly locating phone taps, room bugs, microwave transmitters and many other types of listening devices.
If you search for bug sweep detection services near me, here at Bug Sweeping UK, we will travel to de-bug your property or vehicle.
One of the most important attributes of working with us is that we will do the job discreetly. No one else needs to know your concerns and all of our cases are handled in full confidence. When you need an expert bug sweep, call us on 01157 270212 or out of office mobile 07816 477496. We offer free advice as well as the best rates and service.

Our bug sweeping services are offered throughout the UK. We are available 24/7, ensuring our attendance is not alerted to a third party who maybe monitoring your activities.


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