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Jul 16, 2023

Controlling Partner Hid Listening Device in Kitchen

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Is My House Bugged?

On the face of it, the relationship appeared a happy one. But the boyfriend had a dark side and wanted to control our clients life. Over time, he had separated the client from her family, friends even her running club, so much so the control he exerted over her. A familiar pattern, but one that is all too difficult to escape from.

He told her he didn't trust her, that she needed him more than he needed her and he was watching her every move. But not only was he watching her like a hawk, he was also listening to what she was saying when he was out at work or with his friends. 

Following an argument which resulted in him assaulting her, the client chucked him out of the house sending him packing off to his brothers. Unfortunately for the control freak, his brother felt sorry for the client and informed he that there was a listening device planted in her home to which the ex would listen to constantly.

This information now seemed to make sense. Prior to knowing this, the client thought she was going mad when the ex would turn up at the dentists or when she met with a friend for coffee.

How could he know where she was?0be5a918097f40bc0bf7c809b6a49cec

The answer was simple. He had bugged her house.

We were called in to bug sweep her home and discovered an internet bought listening device, disguised as a phone charger, positioned right in front of her in the kitchen. For the past 4 weeks, he had secretly listened to all her private conversations. 

We carefully removed the listening bug and gave it the client so she could inform the Police. We also provided her with a statement and report.

To say the discovery of the spy device caused the client a great deal of upset is an under statement. She was very angry, and frightened. Who knew the lengths this man would go, to find out what she was doing, where she was going and who she spoke to?

Thankfully the local Police took the matter seriously, and with our help, arrested and charged him with harassment and issued a domestic abuse protection notice.

Hopefully the client feels secure and confident again, and can move on with her life.


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