Electronic Bug Sweep in Manchester | Bug Sweeping UK

Electronic Bug Sweep in Manchester | Bug Sweeping UK

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) in Manchester

We are able to carry out electronic bug sweeps throughout the North West of England including Manchester and the surrounding area. We perform electronic bug sweeps on a private house, apartment, office, boardroom, hotel suite and commercial building along with vehicle’s including car, van, lorry, boat or plane.
The bug sweeps we carry out are comprehensive and detailed searching all areas and power sources.

Technology has moved on over the years and none more so in the spying gadgets available on the open market. Modern eavesdropping devices are no longer the equipment used solely by the Police and government agencies. The public, businesses, members of the media and private investigators are using them on a regular basis to snoop on people and businesses in order to obtain private, sensitive and sometimes valuable information.
Our counter surveillance experts are able to attend a property or location in Manchester usually within 24 hours and carry out a detailed search for hidden electronic devices with minimal intrusion to your routine or business.
A specialist search for a hidden spy device can take several hours as we ensure all areas are electronically scanned and checked to find a hidden camera, telephone line tap, audio bug, wireless interceptor, computer hacker or GPS vehicle tracker.
We are also able to provide a security assessment and risk prevention strategy to combat illegal and unwanted electronic intrusion by means of spying devices.

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Operating throughout Manchester we provide a comprehensive electronic counter surveillance service to Manchester and the surrounding area including:



Bug Sweep Manchester

As electronic bug sweeps (debugging) and the detection of covert surveillance equipment specialists we are often asked the question "how many spying devices do you find when carrying out a bug sweep in Manchester?"
The answer is…frequently. Although it is hard to tell exactly how many times we have conducted a bug sweep in Manchester and found nothing, when in fact there may have been a bug placed in the location just days, or even hours before.
Sometimes, people call us from the phone they think is bugged. This allows a person or organisation who has placed a device to have prior knowledge of our intent to conduct a bug sweep. Therefore we always advise a client to call from a pay phone or another phone that they know is not compromised. This will not give a “heads up” to the person that may be listening in.
On numerous occasions we have found evidence of a recording device during a bug sweep in Manchester. This evidence is usually a loose wire leading up to a phone junction or insulation from wiring on a surface or vehicle floor. This usually means that there was a hasty attempt at removal.
All of this can only mean that the person planting the bug had prior knowledge of the debugging efforts about to take place.
If you feel that you are being monitored, make sure you contact a professional specialising in bug sweeps and electronic debugging in Manchester.

Call us on 01157 270212  / 07816477496 or e-mail us here. And make sure you do so from a location you know is not being monitored.

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