How To Know If Your Under Police Surveillance

Do You Think You Are You Subject To Police Covert Surveillance 

Police forces throughout the UK use surveillance techniques to capture evidence and use against people they suspect of wrong doing. From tracking a person’s car to identify a pattern of movement or who they associate with, to planting audio devices and hidden cameras in private houses to record conversations of criminal behaviour and identifying co-offenders.2a36d468bd92499d922999c32deeb5b4

There have been some high-profile cases where such techniques of bugging have been used to get that all important piece of evidence that proves beyond doubt someone has committed an offence.

Can The Police Plant Surveillance Equipment in Your Home, car or property?

Using covert surveillance devices against someone is a highly complex and intrusive method of obtaining evidence. There has to be a lot of planning, authorities sought and an inevitable use of manpower, resources and money. So the police have to weigh up the benefits of using such sensitive method of investigation.

But with the advent of modern technology and the advanced surveillance equipment the Police have at their disposal, the use of covert surveillance is a valuable tool in the fight against crime and is used more than we would like to think.

As counter surveillance specialists, we carry out bug searches weekly for individuals and families who have been in contact with or had their home raided by the Police and feel that they spent a lot of time “searching” their home or car, usually more time than was necessary.21cd29a0883ff2cedd88528dad7135fa

Looking for a surveillance device in your home is not against the law, you are simply wanting to make sure your privacy is safe and secure. There is no worse feeling than believing your home is under surveillance.

If you would like the services of a bug sweeping expert to check if your home or vehicle has been compromised by a hidden surveillance camera, microphone or tracker, contact us. We can give you that peace of mind and tell you if you are being watched or listened to or even tracked. 

Speak to a counter surveillance specialist on 01157 270212 or use the contact form below.

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